Sabermount Claw Belt Clip

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  • Compatible with covertec wheel
  • Machined out of 5083 aluminum
  • Every belt clip is individually numbered and branded in the back side
  • Two models for two hilt Cosplayers(please specify during order)
    • Sabermount Claw Right (in the photo and video) (covertec slot has angle towards right – suggested for cosplayers carrying the hilt in the right side)
    • Sabermount Claw Left (covertec slot has angle towards left)
  • Dimensions 60.6 x 111 x 10 mm – 34 gr
  • Max belt width 49 mm
  • Max belt thickness 4.6 mm
  • Will be shipped in max 2 weeks upon the order
  • Estimated shipment duration apprx. 15 bussines days
  • If you combine product with different lead time, the longest shipment time should be considered.


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