SaberMount IRIS BOLD – Belt Clip

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  • SaberMount IRIS Bold is the next level of belt clips
  • CNC machined and individually handcrafted by the creator of the BigBoy and Flame, Ismail Ozan Izci
  • Compatible with almost all covertec wheel (Tested on VV, SF, KR, US, GCS, Galaxy’s Edge, Ultimate Works RVS and Saberkraft wheels)
  • Machined out of 5754, 5083 aluminum and PVC (no moulding, no 3d-printing)
  • No paint or any coating. Completely natural colors of the materials. Most of the surface is sandblasted. Suitable for painting or any type of coating
  • Automatically locks your saber when you press the covertec knob to the hole. You can easily release it with a simple twist of your two fingers
  • Dimensions (from end to end)
    IRIS Bold only: dia: 70mm(2.76 inch) x thickness: 12mm (0.47 inch) , weight: 45gr (0.099 lbs)
    IRIS Bold with steel-plate and screews: 65gr (0.143 lbs)
  • Max belt thickness 6,5 mm (0.25 inch)
  • Package contents; IRIS Bold, belt back support steel-plate, 4pcs 8mm M3 dome head screws, 4pcs 10mm M3 dome head screws, 2 mm allen key, 2,5 mm allen key.
  • In order to preserve long term usage performance, please set the product in `lock` mode while storing.

Hilt is not included.

Will be shipped 7 days after the order is placed. (via DHLexpress)
Estimated shipment duration approx.;
3-5 days to UK, EU.


Reviews of IRIS REGULAR (not IRIS Bold)

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Celso Itliong (1)  and Celso Itliong (2)

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