SaberVolt Beskar Edition USB Charging Module (Ready to Ship)

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Some of you are having difficulties during payment. Especially US buyers. This is due to the security precautions of your bank. They stop the payment thinking you are not actually buying something from Turkey, instead we might be stealing from you 🙂
So you need to inform your bank about this transaction. They will let the money go through. Paypal is still banned due to bad regulations of our country and that hurts our business more than you think. So please inform your bank to get your saber and to support our work.

The convention buddy of every saber enthusiast!

  • Charge your saber using any USB wall charger or USB powerbank
  • Suitable for hilts equipped with single cell 18650 3.7v and 2.1mm recharge port
  • Use USB wall charger or USB powerbank providing 5V , 1A (max)
  • Protection circuit
  • Machined out of 5754 aluminum(body) and acrylic(lens).
  • Led indicators showing standby(blue), charging(red) and fully charged(blue)
  • Dimensions 57.0 x 35.0 x 9.0 mm
  • Length of 2.1mm charging cable approx. 80 mm
  • USB to microUSB cable is not included (generally provided by power bank or USB wall charger vendor)

Ready to ship. (via DHL)
Estimated shipment duration approx.;
3-5 days to UK, EU.


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