FLAME DIY Empty Hilt Kit – A new era in saber community

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Flame – DIY Empty Hilt Kit

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FLAME DIY Empty Hilt Kit  (comes in 6 months upon order.)

FIRST UNBOXING VIDEOS; (Thank you guys!)

Jeremy Hall –> https://youtu.be/n1K4eT4mNkk

Shameem Moshrefzadeh –> https://youtu.be/Z95yUvwUBYw

Justin Polachek –> https://youtu.be/a9k5C9tLllI

Some of you are having difficulties during payment. Especially US buyers. This is due to the security precautions of your bank. They stop the payment thinking you are not actually buying something from Turkey, instead we might be stealing from you 🙂
So you need to inform your bank about this transaction. They will let the money go through. Paypal is still banned due to bad regulations of our country and that hurts our business more than you think. So please inform your bank to get your saber and to support our work.

  • Electronics and accesories not included.
    • No sound card included, no battery included, no led module included, no blade included, no speaker, no internal charging circuit

  • Machined out of 5754, 5083 and 6082 aluminum, copper, brass, PVC and acrylic.
    • Sandblasted details. No paint. All natural colors of material

  • CORE Saberthorax Chassis System; (a Saberkraft original)
    • All new fully removable and can working separately chassis system
    • SaberThorax-2.1 (Battery, soundcard and speaker holder of Saberkraft Hilts)
      • Dimensions of sound card hole are 23.5 x 80 x 8 mm (can be used with most of the sound cards)
      • Battery holder for 18650 (protected or non protected)
      • Speaker holder compatible with 28m speaker (bass or regular)
    • MicroUSB port (not prewired) (Type B)
    • R.I.C.E Port (not prewired) and 3-pole 2.1mm Charging Port (for kill keys)
      • You make the choice at home yourself, now both are included in the package
    • REAL QUARTZ crystal (not 3d printed plastic).
      • Crystal can be illuminated with either 5mm RGB led, 5050 RGB led or 5050 neopixel. (included adapter required for practical installation)
      • Practical and safe brass crystal holder with M4 setscrew.
      • WS2812B mini board included in the package.
    • Copper sliding switch #1 , as a Kill Switch. (a Saberkraft original)
      • Easily accessible from the outside.
      • Ready for installation.
      • Not suitable for high amps.
    • Power indicator led. (3mm white color)
    • Two blade options :NeoPixel and Inhilt
      • NeoPixel Hilt Side LED Module Adapter (neopixel blade holder compatible with TCSS components)
      • Heatsink compatible with Tri-Cree, Rebel Star and its optic.
    • Acrylic lenses for homogeneous distribution of accent led’s light (6 pieces)

  • Saberkraft Activation Box System; (a Saberkraft original)
    • Two momentary switches and one mute switch together
      • Two hidden momentary switches beneath the copper plate (main switch and auxiliary switch)
      • Adjustable button mechanism. (NEW)
    • Copper sliding switch #2, as a Speaker Mute Switch,
      • Hardware mute switch. Disconnect the speaker from saber in order to mute your saber instantly.
      • Easily accessible from the outside. It can controll from two sides of the activation box.
      • Not suitable for high amps.
    • 6 accent leds on the belly section (3528 single color leds or 5050 noepixels led strips).
      • 3528 single color leds included in the package.
        (6x White, 6x Red, 6x Green, 6x Blue, 6x Yellow)
      • 5050 WS2812B 2 x 3 rows included in the package.
    • 1 accent led on the activator box (SMD single color leds or single 5050 noepixels)
      • 5050 RGB led included in the package.
    • Comes with two circuit cards for two different installations (5050 neopixel and regular SMD leds)

  • Unique Covertec Knob (a Saberkraft original)
    • Compatible with all known belt clips
  • Sexy blade holder design
    • Compatible with 1-inch  blades (Blade is no included)

  • Hilt outer diameter; min 36 mm, max 40 mm / Hilt inner diameter; 33 mm
  • Pommel outer diameter; 38.8 mm / Pommel inner diameter; 33 mm
  • CORE Saberthorax Chassis System; 32.5 mm x 215 mm
  • Total hilt length; 290 mm

  • This saber is not molded, not 3d printed. Completely CNC machined and hand made. Therefore this unique saber comes in 6 months upon order.
  • Estimated shipment duration apprx. 5 – 9 bussines days
  • If you combine product with different lead time, the longest shipment time should be considered.

This is DIY kit which includes no sound or light. Saberkraft does not keep any responsibility for installation mistakes or damages and strongly suggest the usage of protected batteries.

Not suitable for heavy dueling.


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