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Big Boy DIY Empty Hilt Kit

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The Kit consists of:

  • Big Boy DIY Empty Hilt Kit
  • Sabermount Classic Belt Clip
  • Saberdock Boomerang Saber Stand
  • Sabervolt USB charging module
  • Customized nametag

Big Boy DIY Empty Hilt Kit

  • No sound card included
  • No battery included
  • No led module included
  • No blade included
  • No speaker
  • No internal charging circuit
  • Machined out of 5083 and 6082 aluminum, copper, brass and PVC
  • Covertec knob
  • Prewired activation box (wires are installed to leds, switches and USB port. No other electronic included)
    • Two hidden momentary switches beneath the copper plate (main switch and auxiliary switch)
    • Micro USB charging port which can also be used for data communication with compatible sound cards “Data Transfer Ready” (requires additional soldering-USB cable or any charger is not included. Hilt is not equipped with USB charging circuit. Only the USB port has been wired for power. Will come with USB to 2.1mm converter cable )
    • 3 accent leds (all the same color or custom selection from available colors, please specify the color while ordering)
    • Copper slide switch which can be used as kill switch as well as latching switch for stunt installations
  • The most innovative generic chassis in the market Saberthorax (can be used with most of the sound cards) with battery holder for 18650 and speaker holder compatible with 28mm premium and bass speaker. Dimensions of sound card hole are 23.5 x 53.5 x 8.0 mm
  • DIY’er friendly cable organizer ring with simple circuit board to easy soldering
  • Led heatsink (no retention screw required). This comes only with OPTION #2 heatsink. Check the pictures.
    • Compatible with Tri-Cree, Rebel Star and its optic.
  • Compatible with 1-inch-thick or thin walled blades (Blade is no included) Min inner diameter 19.0 mm, max outer diameter 25.5 mm
  • Sandblasted details. No paint. All natural colors of material
  • Hilt outer diameter 41.4 mm, inner diameter 32.3 mm
  • Outer diameter in grenade section 39.9 mm
  • Max outer diameter in pommel and emitter 50.0 mm
  • Outer diameter in thin neck 19.0 mm
  • Inner diameter in thin neck 14.0 mm
  • Total hilt length 310 mm
  • Most of the parts are already manufactured so will be shipped in 10 weeks upon the order
  • Estimated shipment duration apprx. 9 bussines days
  • If you combine product with different lead time, the longest shipment time should be considered.
  • It comes with prewired accent leds. From pommel to emiter Red, Green and Blue

This is DIY kit which includes no sound or light. Saberkraft does not keep any responsibility for installation mistakes or damages and strongly suggest the usage of protected batteries.

Not suitable for heavy dueling.


Sabermount Classic Belt Clip

  • Compatible with covertec wheel
  • Machined out of 5083 aluminum
  • Can be used as a wall mount via the screw holes (screw holes 4.2 mm)
  • Every belt clip is individually numbered and branded in the back side
  • Dimensions 55 x 96.6 x 10 mm – 32 gr
  • Max belt width 49 mm
  • Max belt thickness 4.6 mm


Saberdock Boomerang Saber Stand

  • Saber and electronics are not included
  • Machined out of 5083 aluminum
  • Comes disassembled in a package containing base, brackets (2pcs), M3 screws (4 pcs), 2 pairs of replacement pads and an allen wrench to be used in assembly
  • The brackets are covered with fabric in the places where your hilt rests, in order to avoid scratches
  • Owner can install his/her own lighting system using the angled surface and predrilled cable guides bellow the stand base (electronics are not provided by Saberkraft. Electronics shown in the picture are for presentation purposes only and will not be provided upon order)
  • Every stand is individually numbered and branded under the base
  • Dimensions 242 x 105 x 70 mm – 240gr
  • The distance between brackets are max 100 mm, min 80 mm
  • Can hold hilts up to 42 mm (1.65 inch) diameter


Sabervolt USB charging module

  • Charge your saber using any USB wall charger or USB powerbank
  • Suitable for hilts equipped with single cell 18650 3.7v and 2.1mm recharge port
  • Use USB wall charger or USB powerbank providing 5V , 1A (max)
  • Protection circuit
  • Housing machined out of 5083 aluminum
  • Led indicators showing standby, charging and fully charged
  • Dimensions 42.6 x 25.2 x 8.2 mm
  • Length of 2.1mm charging cable approx. 80 mm
  • You can even charge your Big Boy hilt using 2.1mm to microUSB provided with Big Boy kit.
  • USB to microUSB cable is not included (generally provided by power bank or USB wall charger vendor)
  • 2.1mm to micro USB adaptor is not included (Provided with Big Boy kit)



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