SaberDock BOOMERANG Saber Stand (Hilt not included)

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  • Saber and electronics are not included
  • Machined out of 5083 aluminum
  • Comes disassembled in a package containing base, brackets (2pcs), M3 screws (4 pcs), 2 pairs of replacement pads and an allen wrench to be used in assembly
  • The brackets are covered with fabric in the places where your hilt rests, in order to avoid scratches
  • Owner can install his/her own lighting system using the angled surface and predrilled cable guides bellow the stand base (electronics are not provided by Saberkraft. Electronics shown in the picture are for presentation purposes only and will not be provided upon order)
  • Every stand is individually numbered and branded under the base
  • Dimensions 242 x 105 x 70 mm – 240gr
  • The distance between brackets are max 100 mm, min 80 mm
  • Can hold hilts up to 42 mm (1.65 inch) diameter
  • Will be shipped¬†in max 3 weeks upon the order
  • Estimated shipment duration apprx. 9¬†bussines days
  • If you combine product with different lead time, the longest shipment time should be considered.



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