SaberDock FORTRESS MASTER’S CHOICE – Saber Stand (Hilt and lighting electronics not included)

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  • HILT and electronics (required for lighting) are not included.
  • CNC machined and individually handcrafted
    by the creator of BigBoy and Flame hilts, IRIS belt clip series, SD-Boomerang and SD-Float saber stands, Ismail Ozan Izci.
  • Machined out of mahogany wood body and aluminum brackets (no moulding, no 3d-printing).
  • Fortress MASTER’S CHOICE is a set consisting of;
    1x SaberDock FORTRESS (with ALL brackets)
    2x SaberDock FORTRESS SOLO (with ALL brackets)
    which provides a price advantage compared to individual purchases. You can take a look at those sets for details.
  • Package contents;
    FORTRESS mahogany base (1pcs),
    FORTRESS SOLO mahogany base (2pcs)
    HIGH aluminum brackets (8pcs) and LOW aluminum bracket (4 pcs). 3 brackets in totals,
    M3x10mm screws (8 pcs), 5050RGB led strip (200mm/9.84inch)(4 pcs),
    Felt for body base (3pcs),
    Light diffusing layer (3 pcs)
    Replacement pads and an allen wrench to be used in assembly
  • Suitable for for double bladed hilts or if you with to display your hilt with the blade attached horizontally
  • Owner can install his/her own lighting system predrilled cable guides bellow the stand base (led strip is included the package but the other electronics are not provided by Saberkraft. Electronics shown in the picture are for presentation purposes only and will not be provided upon order)
  • Dimensions of FORTRESS;
    240 x 104 x 71 mm – 260gr (with high brackets)
    (9,45 x 4,1 x 2,8 inch – 0.573 lbs)240 x 104 x 33 mm – 230gr (with low brackets)
    (9,45 x 4,1 x 1,3 inch – 0.507 lbs)

    The distance between brackets are
    max 114 mm (4,5 inch),
    min 94 mm (3,7 inch).

  • Dimensions of FORTRESS SOLO;
    86 x 104 x 71 mm – 100 gr (with high brackets)
    (9,45 x 4,1 x 2,8 inch – 0.220 lbs)86 x 104 x 33 mm – 85 gr (with low brackets)
    (9,45 x 4,1 x 1,3 inch – 0.187 lbs)

Will be shipped 7 days after the order is placed. (via DHLexpress)
Estimated shipment duration approx.;
3-5 days to UK, EU.


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